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William D. Anton, Ph.D.

William D. Anton, PhD, is a renowned clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst, and former top tier leader at the University of South Florida. He is the founder of CEO Effectiveness, LLC (CEOE), and has a thriving practice working with top business leaders and training executive coaches. Bill has also been involved in presenting to and working closely with United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). He has published several major academic papers and been awarded many major grants during his productive career.

Bill designed CEOE to elevate the purpose of business for the benefit of society. His most recent book titled, Ascend, Forging a Path to Your Truer Self (2015), offers an innovative way to explore the path to self-knowledge through an ingenious story line of a novel. Navy SEAL Commander Dr. Peter Berardi just published a workbook to accompany Ascend entitled The Path (2017). Both these books are currently being used in the Civilian Leadership Development Program sponsored by USF and offered at MacDill Air Force Base.

Bill is also the author of Business Success Through Self-Knowledge (2013) and many other significant publications in professional psychology. He is senior author of The College Adjustment Scales and The Employee Assistance Program Inventory, both of which have been translated into many languages and are widely used throughout the world. Bill also served as the treasurer of the Sant' Yago (St. James) Educational Foundation and currently sits on the Board. The Foundation has awarded more than $2 million to deserving college students to enable them to complete their college education.

Alison Midili Smith, Ph.D.

Alison Midili Smith, Ph.D. is Executive Vice President for CEO Effectiveness. Her prior experience includes serving as the Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Publix Super Markets, Inc., a Fortune 100 company with over 193,000 employees that has received numerous industry recognitions in customer service excellence and has been named as one of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work for” for 21 consecutive years. In her role, she served on the CEO executive team providing strategic leadership in human resources, public relations and business planning. Her areas of expertise include succession planning, corporate communication strategy, change management implementation, leadership development and creating corporate programs to perpetuate and sustain employee engagement. She received the Great Place to Work for All Leadership Award by the Great Place to Work Institute, which recognizes top women leaders across Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For”.

Alison focuses on helping leaders successfully establish, communicate, and execute their vision through their teams. Through her extensive experience creating business plans and implementing complex changes successfully across a geographically dispersed enterprise, she supports organizations in achieving and sustaining their desired results.

Alison works with leaders across all levels of an organization to help them create a team-focused culture that supports the development of individuals and achievement of team goals. Whether taking on a new leadership role, navigating organizational change or preparing for advancement opportunities, Alison can help individuals better position themselves for future success.

Peter D. Berardi, Ph.D.

Dr. Peter Berardi is the faculty expert in Leadership and Teamwork Development. During his 23 years as a U.S. Navy SEAL he traveled around the globe both in and out of the field acquiring and honing the skill sets and insights needed to develop, lead, and employ winning teams in the most competitive and hostile environments. Retiring as a Commander, he founded SOF-ONE, LLC, and earned a PhD in Public Service Leadership to better help others achieve.

Dr. Berardi specializes in integrating the ethos and organizational dynamics of Navy SEALs and other Special Operations Forces (SOF) into a perspective that enables participants to achieve their personal best. Parallel to this endeavor he is also the Senior Navy Special Operations Leadership Management Coordinator for the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) where he provides internal leadership consulting services and promulgates leadership development opportunities for members of USSOCOM (SEALs, Special Forces, Army Rangers, etc). Whether an athlete, corporate executive, student or otherwise, Dr Berardi’s approach provides a proven system for both personal and organizational success that will enable your organization to develop the proper culture and skill sets to get you much greater results than you are currently achieving.

“There is nothing more exhilarating than being at the top of your game as an individual and as a team. As an operator, as an athlete, as a business leader…you want the intelligence, the strength, and the ability needed to push the envelope in all the right ways…”

Dale A. Hicks, Ph.D.

Dale A. Hicks, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist and an accomplished executive leader, who has maintained an independent practice in Psychology and high-level executive coaching for over three decades. Appointed by the governor, he also has served as vice chair of the Florida Board of Psychology.

His coaching work focuses on helping you become a more effective and versatile leader through self-knowledge. An effective and versatile leader continually adjusts their behavior to the circumstances and needs of organizational constituencies. Leadership engagement, personal mastery and versatility are highly correlated with organizational effectiveness. Productivity is the product of an engaged workforce and key to creating competitive advantage.

Many executives hold beliefs and mental models learned throughout their lives that subtly undermine their effectiveness as leaders. These models are often tacit but still have a negative effect on the organization through resulting behaviors, interactions and decisions. Dr. Hicks is an expert on 360° assessments and personality measures that inform leadership coaching sessions with top tier executives.

Employee turnover, repetitive hiring for the same position, training and “on boarding” new employees is an expensive and time-consuming task. Dr. Hicks can help your company match job candidates and current employees with job responsibilities, organizational culture and the work environment. He also provides consultation and interventions designed to enhance organizational functioning at times of turmoil or transformation.

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