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"We transform your limitations from yesterday into a totally empowered tomorrow." - WILLIAM D. ANTON PH.D.

Success Programs

CEOE Elective Offerings Available Upon Request:

1-Day Team Building and Organizational Effectiveness Workshop

This workshop is designed to jumpstart your team and dive into the facets of everyday effectiveness, leadership and team reliance. The goal of this workshop is to assist in removing any barriers that may exist within your company culture while empowering your team members with effective communication skills to push the company’s mission forward.

3-Day Team Success Series: Culture, Influence, and Effective Management

Our 3-Day series is a collective dive into the inner workings of your company’s culture, market influence and management processes. Experts at CEOE guide your team through a thought provoking workshop that is designed to stimulate productivity, inter-department cohesiveness, revenue, and management optimization.

A key component to success is how well your individual leaders know themselves so they know when and how to delegate while capitalizing on their strengths in order to push the company mission forward. Through leadership-based activities and team challenges we take your team on a journey that will leave them feeling confident, motivated, empowered and ready to take themselves and those around them to the next level of success.

Continuous Coaching and Organizational Development Consulting

For many professionals who go through our 90 day ascension program there is often a request to have consistent touchpoints with one of our experts as they explore their newfound effectiveness. We happily offer ongoing development and support to assist with any challenges that may arise and require additional input from CEOE.