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"We transform your limitations from yesterday into a totally empowered tomorrow." - WILLIAM D. ANTON PH.D.

Leadership Ascension

We have discovered the most effective way that can help you become more than you ever thought you could be. We are leadership experts, trainers, executive coaches, presenters, scientist-practitioners, psychologists, writers, and expert confidential guides. Our knowledge base is profound and dynamic.

It is clear to us that many leaders believe they know themselves pretty well and things are functioning as well as they could be. But, our experience working with top leaders across the country is that beliefs about themselves and their accomplishments are often too limiting and represent only a fraction of what is possible.

We are experts at guiding influencers and will uncover the path to gaining greater access to yourself and your untapped potential. We have developed ground breaking programs that allow leaders an unprecedented level of personal mastery, interpersonal effectiveness and adaptability.

We Transform Leaders To Create Profound & Lasting Business Success.

Profound and lasting success begins with you, the leader. Building an organization that continuously evolves and innovates requires much more than self-awareness and observation. Leaders must first transform themselves into instruments of change. That is what we are experts at.

Some leaders consistently achieve exponential levels of success. Competition is fierce to work with them, and they always seem to be surrounded by the best, brightest, and most committed teams. What is the secret to inspiring such loyalty, creativity and engagement in others? Leadership at this level is not tactical but requires a level of self-knowledge and authenticity that creates clarity, liberates energy, and influences positive change throughout an organization.

Our founder, William D. Anton, Ph.D., has discovered the elusive algorithm to guiding high performing leaders to a pinnacle they never thought was possible. CEOE is dedicated to changing the face of business by creating leaders who are powerful change agents because they have tapped into a reservoir of potential they never knew existed.