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"We transform your limitations from yesterday into a totally empowered tomorrow." - WILLIAM D. ANTON PH.D.


"Ascend is full of great ideas applicable to self-improvement and mindulfness and, perhaps most interestingly, self-knowledge, an important recognition that everyone can learn from. Well worth reading… twice!”
– Bill Townsend, Entrepreneur, speaker, and author
"Take heed of your disconfirming instances to grow and prosper. This book has the potential to take you on a life-altering journey. Read it and grow cognitively, behaviorally, emotionally, and spiritually."
– Elliot D. Cohen, PhD, Inventor of Logic-Based Therapy (LBT)
“Renowned psychologist Bill Anton has written a timely and timeless book about creating a path to our truest self and elevating our vision of what is possible - and then acting to make it a reality.”
– Robert Cooper, PhD, CEO of Cooper Strategic & New York Times bestselling author
“No one climbs life’s mountain alone. Ascend shows how we can say “yes” to our higher self by becoming conscious of our choices. This book helps prepare the reader for the amazing journey of a purposeful life.”
– Bob Chapman, Chairman of the Board & CEO, Barrywehmiller
“This is a wonderfully written creative approach to understanding our personal journey. Everyone will find themselves in this wonderful story with summary insights offered along the way. A must read for anyone seeking inner knowledge or to help others in that quest.”
– Jaynie L. Smith, CEO, Smart Advantage, Inc.

Ascend is an innovative book embedded with powerful tools for leaders and offers an engaging way to share the path toward personal transformation with everyone. It presents a captivating allegory that helps leaders identify and break through long-standing beliefs that limit access to their innate potential for human happiness and exponential business success. Through the experiences of the characters in Ascend, readers see how their own limiting beliefs and mental models tacitly impede their quest for personal mastery and accomplishment, both personally and professionally. As the characters take important steps to discover and liberate their truer selves, readers face the same key decision: Am I willing to engage in a life-altering journey to grow cognitively, behaviorally, emotionally, and spiritually? The answer promises to be transformational and profound.

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Do you believe your deepest aspirations are hidden from you? Did you know that disconfirming experiences can create slight shifts that unlock the door to your unrealized potential? Do you know how to become more effective at influencing others?

Business Success Through Self-Knowledge takes you on a short journey that explains why many of us have a sense of unrealized potential that eludes us. It offers examples and illustrations of how we create tacit but enduring mental models early in life that limit our view of ourselves and our power to influence others. Clear and practical steps are included on how to transform ourselves, our organizations, and those we seek to influence.

Written for business leaders, business consultants, and coaches, Business Success Through Self-Knowledge espouses principles that, when applied correctly, can benefit everyone. While other business books show leaders what to focus on for greater effectiveness, Business Success Through Self-Knowledge tells you how best to accomplish it. This book sheds light on the real foundation of personal mastery, addressing the most critical of questions: What do I need to know about myself to actually put my greater potential to use? And how do I get there? They may just be the most important questions you will ever consider.

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