The Fulfillment of a True, Joyful and Successful Life For You and Those Around You.

William D. Anton, Ph.D.

William D. Anton, PhD, is a renowned clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst, and former director of the counseling center for University of South Florida. He is the founder of CEO Effectiveness, LLC (CEOE), and has a thriving practice working with top business leaders and executive coaches.

Bill designed CEOE to elevate the purpose of business for the benefit of society. His most recent book titled, Ascend, Forging a Path to Your Truer Self (2015), offers an innovative way to explore the path to self-knowledge through an ingenious story line of a novel.  He is also the author of  Business Success Through Self-Knowledge (2013) and many other significant publications in professional psychology. He is senior author of The College Adjustment Scales and The Employee Assistance Program Inventory, both of which are widely used throughout the world. Bill is in demand as a speaker.  He also serves as the treasurer of the Sant’ Yago (St. James) Educational Foundation, which has awarded more than $2 million to deserving college students to enable them to complete their college education. 

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