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"Success springs from knowing who we truly are: transforming the limitations of yesterday into a totally empowered tomorrow. We'll show you how." - WILLIAM D. ANTON PH.D.

Leadership Learning

At CEO Effectiveness we love to discover the most effective way that we can help you become more than you ever thought you could be. We are leadership experts, trainers, executive coaches, presenters, scientist-practitioners, psychologists, writers, and expert confidential guides. Our knowledge base is profound and dynamic.

It is clear to us that many leaders believe they know themselves pretty well and things are functioning as well as they could be. But, our experience working with top leaders is that their beliefs about themselves and their accomplishments are often too limiting and represent only a fraction of what is possible. By the way, this is one of the lessons that Navy Seals learn early in their training.

We are experts at helping leaders and consultants gain greater access to themselves and their untapped potential. In this respect, we have two important observations:

Most alert leader’s level of self-awareness tends to be an accurate description of their current level of functioning. They know who they believe themselves to be quite well but are often not curious about what they don't know. As a result, like many high achievers, they describe what they see and interpret what they observe as validation of what they believe. This is the dynamic that tacitly keeps us from gaining access to our truer self.

Self-awareness, a pre-requisite for emotional intelligence is qualitatively different from self-knowledge. Just like blood tests results, self-awareness, even if accurate at the time, is only a snap shot of your present state, not of your potential. To accept that your results represent some limit on what is possible is like assuming that blood chemistry can never change, no matter what you do! Yet, that is precisely how most of us live out our subjective lives, protecting the illusion that we already know who we are and in spite of frequent inklings that we are leaving our real potential on the table, long-standing habits are triggered to reduce the dynamic tension and self-realization is yet again postponed.

We believe and have cross-validated with many top leaders that although levels of self-awareness may be an accurate description of current functioning it is not a measure of potential. Our focus is on untapped potential and we have developed programs and services to help top leaders and coaches gain extraordinary levels of personal mastery, interpersonal effectiveness and adaptability that they may have assumed was out of reach.