The Fulfillment of a True, Joyful and Successful Life For You and Those Around You.

Success springs from knowing who we truly are, not who we think we are.


This book is dedicated to those who sense that there is too much unmapped territory between their innate capability and their functional ability — intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

In selecting this book, you have shown curiosity about the most important path that life can offer: The path to your truer self.

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This book is designed for business leaders who are no longer satisfied with relative success and have become curious about the unexplored territory within themselves, where untapped potential patiently waits; and for professional consultants who understand the importance of their position as leaders of the transformation process and providers of opportunity for organizational leaders to align with the path that others in their company are
encouraged to take.

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Business Success Through
Self-Knowledge: Study Guide

This study guide was designed to help CEOs, top level executives, and consultants teach the concepts in Business Success through Self-Knowledge to leaders in their companies. It will offer guidance and direction on how to conduct group exercises to simplify and apply complex but crucial subject matter succinctly presented in the book. Learning and applying these principles is essential for business leaders and consultants to achieve their highest potential. The Study Guide can be an invaluable to anyone who is responsible for the performance of others.

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Self-Knowledge: Study Guide on Amazon
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